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VEGAN ON THE CHEAP | Best Recipes for Beginner and Advance

You don't need to blow your finances to enjoy great meatless in addition to dairy-free dishes everyday.

‘Vegan on the Cheap’ is a great cookbook to own.
There are 150 low-cost vegan recipe ideas in this book that your whole family will find delicious and satisfying. You don’t have to be a full-fledged vegan to enjoy cooking and eating vegan meals, I am sure that even your carnivore family members will love a vegan dinner or dessert a few times a week.


The recipes are very healthy but are cheap to make. 
You can find scrumptious recipes from 50 cents to $2 per serving, which can easily help to cut down on your food budget. 

The book includes recipes on soups and stews, to various salads, noodle dishes, pizza, burgers and desserts. Enjoy Spaghetti Marinara with Wheat balls, Southwestern Black Bean and Corn Chowder, Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Cashews and Kidney Beans, Curried Red Bean Pilaf with Walnuts and Raisins and Peanut Butter Cookies. The recipes are varied, nutritious and in addition low-cost.

Overall, this book gives affordable and delicious vegan recipes, as well as general money-saving tips to help you live healthily on a budget. 

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Hey, Don't Believe Me! Believe What Others Said!

I love this book. I'm not great in the kitchen but this book helps me hide that fact from guests I have over for dinner. Not only are the recipes interesting and delicious (ex: Easy Peanut Sauce, how could I have presented Thai curry without this before?), but the book also has unique elements that I've never seen before. For example, each recipe comes with an estimated cost per serving. Wow. There is a "Cheap Trick" section that explains how to have vegan versions of staples like Parmesan and bread crumbs, which can be pricey if you buy them prepackaged. The vegan Parmesan "cheese" recipe uses nuts and nutritional yeast that makes a rich topping that helps me turn my old vegan standards into restaurant-style dishes. The book also has a helpful section on where to find high quality ingredients at low cost. It also gives a suggested shopping list! this is really exciting to me as I'm hopeless with figuring out what I need to buy and end up just buying whatever catches my eye at the store. I also like the suggested menu for a week. I highly recommend this excellent cookbook for people who are vegan or for omnivores who just want to eat more healthy, vegan food. It has a nice cover and the inside style is clean and sleek, so I'd also recommend giving it as a gift either to someone who is vegan or just trying have a healthier diet without sacrificing taste, time or money.

A. Pennington (Washington DC)
I was a tester for this book and can't rave about it enough. As a rule, I'm not as budget conscious as I should be when cooking. But this books make it so easy and doesn't scrimp on the flavor. The recipes are very diverse and include dishes from several nationalities. Besides the American style dishes, some of the Asian and Mexican recipes were our favorites. The Tortilla Strata is one of the best I've ever had and doesn't take many ingredients. The Korean Cabbage Salad, Asian Noodle Soup, Quick Lo Mein,andCajun Spiced Seitan Po'Boys are just a few of our favorites. The recipe for Corned Seitan with Cabbage makes the best reubens!

Tamasin (age 24)
I bought this book because I have a penchant for preparing (and loving) vegan food that is, let's just say, the opposite of cheap. And then, to make up for my expensive, gluttonous ways, I prepare things so simple and bland that they aren't worth eating. I really need to find The Middle Way. That's why I bought this cookbook, and because I have faith in Robin Robinson, because I own many of her other stellar cookbooks.

Dustin G. Rhodes
I don't say this often, but this cookbook is a must-have. Most cookbooks call for a lot of seitan, fake cheese, and vegan mayonnaise, and then have one lousy seitan recipe that takes forever. This cookbook teaches you to make absolutely everything that you would normally buy prepackaged at inflated prices - seitan pepperoni, cutlets, "meat"loaf, and sausage, vegan mayo, sour cream, feta, and cheeze sauce. And that's just the first section. The recipes that follow are, for the most part, simple and quick, with ingredients you either have on hand, or can get easily at any well stocked grocery store. I bought this book on a whim, and now I use it more than any other cookbook I own. Buy it.

J. Dock (San Antonio, TX)
I have fallen in love with this book! Even for a pretty thifty person, I've still found myself tossing way too much spoiled food out every couple of weeks because I've made too much and hadn't found a way to use the leftovers. Or I'd buy a can of something like tomato paste, only use a small portion for a recipe, and the rest would go bad when I could have frozen it. I buy bags of lemons almost every week, but never zest them, but now I know you can freeze the zest for later use! These are the small things that add up, and Robertson gives some great ways to use leftovers to make whole different meals. I've gone from cooking every single night to reusing leftovers around 3 nights a week and saving myself so much time! The tips and tricks Robertson gives are awesome and the recipes are delicious. Learn to make your own salad dressings, mayo, "cheese" sauce, marinara sauce, and more. Stop wasting money and start eating great for less!

L. Cleveland (Alabama United States)
I just picked this book up at the amazing Farm Sanctuary in New York State, and had to write my first ever review on Amazon because this book is so wonderful. I am by no means a well-informed or skilled cook, but this book makes going vegan feel doable: it calls for easy to find ingredients, gives lots of excellent tips for using up your spices and leftovers so that you don't waste money, and the recipes themselves are easy to follow and delicious. If you are new to veganism, or still on the brink, pick up this book and see how easy and economical the move can be!

Marge (age 42)

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Vegan on the Cheap Robin Robertson Scam

Posted by Zulfadhli Ashari Friday, May 3, 2013 0 comments

Author : Robin robertson

Vegan on the Cheap Robin Robertson Scam
Vegan on the Cheap Robin Robertson Scam
Deciding on becoming a vegan means you commit to the fact that you will only consume stuffs that are fairly expensive and quite difficult to deal with. These ingredients need to be eaten raw, sometimes to gain the full benefits out of them. And unfortunately, the price of raw and ingredients may be sky high and you would need some moment to take measurement because the volume of the resulting dish will be much smaller than the cooked one. And it is not only raw materials that you should be concerned about. Products of non-dairy and meatless are also rather disappointingly unaffordable at times. You will have to put so much effort to finding the most wallet-friendly products in order to be able to live a healthy and efficient vegan life.

An Introductory Preview of Vegan on the Cheap

The book entitled Vegan on the Cheap written by Robin Robertson may serve you just what you need: the complete guidance to healthy foods which also serves a high value of affordability. Also, through the book you will gain a very satisfying vision that being a vegan does not necessarily mean that you are going to be pinned down to something somewhat ugly or distasteful. A lot of dishes can be created to serve a vegan some good and palatable meals. Take the vegan pizza from this book for example. It is a combination of two aspects that are in many ways possible capable of helping you becoming more comfortable at being a vegan: Healthiness and savory.

You can also infer a great conclusion that becoming a vegan should by no means be a torturing experience because everything can be greatly adjusted. Fresh veggies and fruits, non-dairy products, and meatless ingredients, of course, are not cheap. But that does not mean that you would never find a way to become healthy vegan without actually ripping off your wallet and blowing away your intention to be a healthy person.

The 150 recipes the book contains are enough ammo for you to back your plan up. And, just so you know, each recipe is carefully designed so that they can serve you incredible meals that only cost you 50 cents for the lowest and $2 for the highest. (FYI, this may be the source of vegan on the cheap robin robertson scam — more on that next.)

Scam Allegations

As is the case with other good, helpful things, Robertson’s book, and the subject it bears, is also a subject of scam allegation. Many think that it is too good to be true that to become a vegan you would only spend so little than what is expected. They somewhat believe that a lifestyle-altering choice like becoming a vegan must and will always come with a great cost to sustain. Thus, many post some allegation that the book Robertson wrote is nothing more than a fraud, something that is not to be taken seriously and that there is no reassuring motif and basis to the topic it uncovers. Allegations being allegations, there are, too, no proofs that validate vegan on the cheap robin robertson scam. Read this Download Vegan on the Cheap eBooks.

Instead, there are proofs that say the otherwise. How come a fraud-laden thing can offer things like the following?
  • You can make calculation about the budget for each dish. Each recipe presented by the book is made with this calculation and you can suppress the likelihood of creating a dish that is way over-budget,
  • You can also cut down the cost for certain ingredients like proteins. An example for this, you may be able to make a dish of seitan with only half of the regular price of a pack of protein,
  • The book also suggests solution to its reader how to keep the stockpiled ingredients for weeks and prepare them still full of freshness,
  • This is perhaps the most exciting bit: The book allows you to cook once and to eat it twice in two separate times.

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: Vegan on the Cheap Robin Robertson Scam
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: Vegan on the Cheap Robin Robertson Scam


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